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January 2020

MBA Students from Michigan State Participate in a Four-day Holistic Design Training

About Handsome

Students from MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business get a hands-on look into Handsome’s human-centered design and innovation methodology.

MBA students from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business participated in a four-day series of workshops and in-the-field activities January 16-19, led by our newest Associate Creative Director of Strategy and Experience Design, Travis Rimel, and hosted here at Handsome. The workshop was a hands-on look into Handsome’s methodology and unique approach to holistic design and development. 

Over the four days, students learned how to define market opportunities, build research protocols for contextual inquiry and in-field research, design prototypes based on qualitative and quantitative insights, empathetically interview and observe people in the field. Based on their research and work, students presented their business cases to faculty on the final day of their workshop.

The partnership between Handsome and MSU resulted from the agency’s long-time relationship with Sanjay Baskaran, CEO of One Technologies and MSU Broad Alumnus. Handsome worked with Sanjay most recently on a project with One Technologies, and also worked with him on two consecutive projects with TaxAct, while he served as their President. 

“I value human-centered design thinking, and have seen it’s impact through my work with Handsome,” said Baskaran. “I knew the Handsome team would be a perfect resource for MSU and would be able give students both an inside look at their methodology, as well as a hands-on understanding of how their holistic approach to innovation works in practice.” 

“There’s no secret to our approach that we’re afraid to share,” John said, eager to host MSU’s students. “Human-centered design and innovation is something everyone in business should be practicing. If we can help introduce methodologies like ours to students and the future innovators of our world, we’ll do it every chance we can.” 

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