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March 2020

How bthere is Helping Austin During COVID-19


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When friends can't be there in person for each other during a time of social distancing and sheltering in place, bthere is finding opportunities to continue supporting the community.

Long-time client, bthere, has been committed to helping connect friends, encouraging them to spend time in person together, and enabling them to keep each other safe. As of this writing, however, the coronavirus pandemic has many schools and businesses closed, and as of today the City of Austin has issued a city-wide shelter-in-place to help stop the virus from transmitting. To bthere's founder, Ben Johanson, that doesn't mean he and his team are putting a pause on their mission: 

“We believe that we can always be there for each other, even when we can’t be together in real life. Our team is excited to continue finding creative ways to be there for our users and the Austin community. Even when we’re apart, we’re in this together.”

Earlier this week, bthere announced a campaign where they'll send free meals and supplies to friends and family in need each week. Currently they're prioritizing the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, and are asking all of Austin to submit names of people in need.

If you know anyone in the Austin area who needs a meal or supplies, email, and be sure to follow @gottabthere on Instagram for campaign updates.

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