Case Study

An Immersive Campus Experience

Continued brand and digital experience work for Texas's oldest and most progressive liberal
arts college. 

Southwestern University asked us to build an interactive web-based experience to help their students get around. Rather than building a clickable map that simply helps students get to classes on-time, we set out to build an all-new and immersive campus experience for students and faculty alike.

Southwestern Style Guide

Colleges and universities should be at the forefront of innovation, but their digital experiences are often stuck in the past. Our Brand and Technology teams worked side-by-side to develop the concept, tech-stack, and rendering capabilities of an interactive 3D map that captures the rich history of Southwestern while proving they're also home to serious innovation.

Southwestern Style Guide

Over 40 unique buildings  reimagined 1-for-1 in 3D.

Our work didn't stop with way-finding. We designed informational pages for every building on campus, so students and faculty can learn more about where different departments work and where they can find important administrative resources.

Southwestern Style Guide

Future of Univeristy Experiences

New generations of college students will keep demanding personalized, instantly-accessible information and experiences. Our long-time partnership with Southwestern has revealed a growing need for all places of higher education to step-up their digital marketing and student experiences.

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