Case Study

Transforming a familial digital strategy

Digital business road-mapping, design, 
and concept validation for one of the world’s leading children’s entertainment brands.

Nickelodeon reached out to Handsome in early 2016 to help transform their digital business model. Burdened by the complexity of maintaining several apps, they were hoping to create a single solution for multiple age groups that could support current contract obligations with cable providers, as well as a paid subscription model with additional free content.

Through qualitative user research, we were able to discern what would be usable to a 3-year-old yet not alienating to an 11-year-old. We observed kids and parents interacting with current Nickelodeon and competitor apps to get a sense of what was working well and opportunities for improvement during the design phase.

Drag to Pan
Diving In

Our experience designer talking with families about their viewing habits.

The simplest way to tailor an experience for each user was to enable them to define what was most relevant to them. By creating a contextual, reactionary on-boarding process sensitive to a user's behaviors, we were able to personalize the experience quickly and seamlessly.

Nickelodeon Ipad App

Our technologists created an engagement algorithm to intelligently populate content based on user’s behaviors. It was designed to start with an assortment of shows appealing to a broader demographic based on age, gender, and genre. As the user engages with content over time, the algorithm assigns  “points” to his or her preferences. The points are categorized to slowly populate each individual user feed with shows of a similar nature.

Nickelodeon Adventure Screen
A child's perspective

Making it easy for children to dismiss roadblocks was crucial to a non-disruptive experience.

Nickelodeon Locked Content
An Adult Lens

Making parental controls simple and intuitive was key to instilling confidence in the platform.

Kids know what they like. They want to hang with their favorite characters and watch their favorite shows over and over. Unlike adults, their expectations aren’t influenced by an awareness of technology. They immediately need and expect to see their favorite content front and center. Meeting these expectations works to make Nick childrens’ go-to for entertainment and drives value to the brand over time.

Nickelodeon Concept Screen

Based on individual watch trends, characters from kids’ favorite shows make unexpected appearances.

Nickelodeon Spongebob Squarepants
Immersive Worlds

Creating an immersive experience around each show generates unexpected moments of delight.

When re-designing Nickelodeon’s digital business, it was important for us to not only map out an immediate solution, but also to paint an ideal future and outline the steps necessary to get there. Through several workshops and mapping exercises alongside our Nickelodeon stakeholders, we developed short, mid, and long term strategies that could be implemented and rolled out over time.

Nickelodeon Business Model Roadmap
001 Combine

Create a singular, elegant solution that supports multiple business models.

002 ADD Content

Fill the library with as much high-quality content as possible to attract users.

003 Negotiate

Renegotiate TV contracts to allow usage rights for all library content on the platform.

004 Streamline

Simplify the high-level business model to be more single-stream.

Delivering excellence.

We take pride in how we deliver our work. We go to great lengths to empathize with our stakeholders and to understand their culture. We do all that we can to engage their team in the process and to ensure they are set up for success in the market. We focus on storytelling and practicality to clearly communicate our decisions. Our deliverables are portable and flexible, so the transition from our team to the clients’ is smooth.

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