Case Study

Modernizing a Boutique Travel Publication

Strategy, brand, and product design for Hideaway Report, helping travelers find the world's most extraordinary destinations.

Even experts need help finding their next trip.

Since 1979, Hideaway Report has been helping travelers find boutique hotels, unique travel destinations, and unforgettable experiences around the world. Travelers covet Hideaway Report’s expert reviews, but their previous site's design didn't embody their brand's expertise. Hideaway Report asked Handsome to update their website and unlock new ways to help the well-traveled plan the most memorable trips of their lives.

Southwestern Style Guide

The business and leisure of travel is typically just as much about the journey as it is about the destination, but that journey shouldn’t start with a frustraiting digital experience. We started our partnership with Hideaway Report by thouroughly evaluating all of their previous digital touchpoints, while prototyping and usability testing new navigation and onboarding flows with Hideaway Report members and expert travelers.

Hideaway Report published their expert reviews under the name Andrew Harper from 1979 - 2018, but chose to center their focus back on their core offering: reviews of off-the-beaten-path hideaways for world travelers. We suggested, tested, and built a brand and product experience that honored Hideaway Report’s brand DNA, while letting their recommended hideaways take center stage.

Southwestern Style Guide

Extraordinary escapes found through a holistic digital experience.

Hideaway Report’s black-book of boutique hotels is better than any you'll find. As an invaluable part of their membership model, we helped Hideaway Report adjust their free-trial terms so travelers had a taste of what to expect risk-free. Thanks to our partnership and work, Hideaway Report have increased membership rates 15X, and there has been an unforeseen spike in post cards sent to friends and family from remote locations around the world.

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