Case Study

Audi Shared Fleet
Defining the future of enterprise mobility

Connected mobile experience, service and product design for one of the world's leading car brands, helping Audi stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing mobility landscape.

Audi's mobility innovation group was looking for a way to revolutionize corporate fleet management. Inspired by the momentum our partner Silvercar, Audi and Silvercar teamed up to provide a completely autonomous corporate campus rental service that could all be managed via your mobile phone.

With the success of our complete redesign of Silvercar’s digital experiences, Silvercar and Audi selected Handsome as a partner to define and develop this revolutionary experience. 

The engagement spanned research, service & business strategy and design, and full product design and implementation.

The success of this integrated project was one of the determining factors in the recent Audi acquisition of Silvercar. You can read more about that here.

Not only is transportation vastly different from city to city, but the needs, behaviors and general attitudes towards cars and transportation can also vary. For instance, the daily commute in San Fransisco and New York is very different than it is in Austin or New Orleans. Early on in the research phase the Handsome team headed to several major cities to understand these various differences to help inform the overall design.

FedEx VR Mobile

Our Handsome Experience Designers conducted several activities with research participants around the US.

From the end to end consumer touch points and operational support to financial models and logistics, every aspect of the service needed to be explored, considered and designed. We mapped out every digital and physical interaction along with the actors involved to show where, when and what would come into play, and how it benefits the business.

FedEx Storyboards

When designing the mobile application component we knew that creating an intuitive and quick user experience was going to be paramount. In the midst of rushing from meeting to meeting on a corporate campus, reserving, finding, unlocking and driving the car all need to be carefully considered to create the least amount of friction possible.


Reserve a ride immediately. All within minutes.


Reserve, locate and open the car all with your mobile phone.


In app fuel tracking to provide as much logistics on the car's vitals as possible.


Quick actions to extend your reservation in case you are behind schedule.

Audi Unlock Screen

When designing Audi’s technology infrastructure and hardware integration we knew everything had to function equally as well as it was designed.

From remotely accessing the fuel level to unlocking and locking the vehicle through the app the engineering and design team closely collaborated throughout the process to make sure every touchpoint was carefully considered.

Audi Fuel Tracking
Nickelodeon Business Model Roadmap

A glimpse into the design system created for Audi.

Looking forward.

Every day more consumers are pushing away from the old model of buying and leasing vehicles as alternative forms of transportation continue to evolve.

The partnership between Audi, Silvercar and Handsome continues to help Audi stay ahead of the curve as they evolve and transform their business model and service offerings.

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